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Fic: The Throne


Title:  The Throne Pt 5 (Final)
Recipient: [info]baterina_1234
Pairing: Dean/Cas
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: None
Spoilers: Set in season 5
Word Count: 15, 608
Notes: Thanks to my patient and amazing beta [info]indigoclay This was written for [info]deancastiel 's Everlasting Birthday Challenge. Happy Birthday, [info]baterina_1234
Prompt: Michael!Dean. [Set Season 5] Dean wakes up with a whole new set of memories as Michael the Archangel. When the heck did he say yes? He keeps it a secret. Eventually, Cas finds out

Sam glanced up when Dean slammed into the room “Do I even want to know?” he queried.

Dean ignored the question, pacing the hall as thoughts ran rampant through his head. Spinning to face his brothers he grimaced “Right, this is gonna be a cut and dry question. No touchy feely bullshit, get me?”


Raphael glanced at him once before returning to his pile of books “We may be more equipped to provide assistance if we better understood your ramblings brother,”


Sam nodded in agreement.


Casting an evil eye at the archangel Dean sighed before collapsing unto the nearest chair “You know the whole thing with me and Cas…”


“You mean the him raising you from the dead, fighting against the host and giving up everything he knew thing?” Sam drawled dryly “Yeah Dean we’re pretty much up to date on that one.”


“Bite me Sam!” Dean growled, rubbing a hand across his face in agitation.


“Perhaps you should outline what it is you wish to know,” the archangel chipped in before Sam could retort.


“Err yeah, that.” Rubbing a hand across the back of his neck Dean shrugged “I might have tried to do something not so pure with Cas, and well he kinda got pissed and took off,”


Raphael’s attention instantly shifted to Dean. “You tried to claim him?”


“Whoa, wait isn’t claiming like angel marriage, I mean without the death do us part bit.” Sam inquired staring at Raphael.


Dean could feel the heat of a blush on his face and he huffed, sinking further down on his chair.


“It would seem Michael has either forgotten the significance of the gesture or he was acting upon a subconscious desire.”


“Hey, I’m sitting right here!” Dean protested “And I didn’t forget shit! It’s like the Sasquatch said…”


“Hey!” Sam protested.


“Cas gave up everything for me, risked his grace and life more times than I can count, you know what that means!” Dean finished glaring at Raphael “My decision isn’t the problem here; Cas claims I’m doing this shit out of pity!”


“Well in accordance to my observations, you have been less than kind to Castiel, brother.”


“In other words you’ve been an ass Dean.” Sam added smugly.


Dean glared at the countertop as he listened to his brothers’ words. “So what the heck do I do about it? Cause there’s no fucking way I’m gonna be of much use with my grace reaching out for both Cas and Gabriel at the same time!”


“Gabriel?” Sam inquired.


“It would seem that Michael is trying to gather the youngest to him as he did so often before.” Raphael explained in Dean’s silence.


“Wait so Gabriel’s the baby of the bunch?” Sam snorted.


“Yeah,” Dean smiled softly “Hasn’t really grown up has he? Trickster my ass! The idiot’s pretty much throwing a big temper tantrum, knew I couldn’t leave him alone for long.”


“So you want to find Gabriel as well?” Sam queried.


Dean waved a hand in frustration “Not really I mean he should have known like Raphael that I’m me or that I’m Michael, since he never really knew the plan. I figured he’s probably pissed off that I left them alone for so long.”


“You wish to make amends?” Raphael intoned.


Dean nodded in agreement “Yeah pretty much.”


“So what about Cas?” Sam asked.


“See that’s the freaking thing! I can’t concentrate with my grace trying to make a claim on the dumbass and he won’t listen.”


Raphael cocked his head to the side “Do you wish for me to assist you in speaking with him?”


Sam nodded “Yeah Dean, no offence but archangel or not you’re still a bit of a klutz when it comes to feelings.”


Dean huffed “Whatever,” It couldn’t exactly get much worse.




Dean watched as the Seraph settled before them. Castiel’s face was blank and his wings held rigid behind his human form and Dean could freaking tell that this was going to be like pulling teeth!


Sam flashed him a look before turning to Cas “So we have a situation here.”


The small angel raised a brow “I do not see why such a thing would require my presence.”


“He doesn’t see why such a thing would require his presence!” Dean mocked softly, snapping his mouth shut when Castiel’s glare settled on him.


“If this is a matter of your doing Dean Winchester….” Cas began wings curving inwards.


“Whoa, whoa!” Sam protested getting between the two of them “Time out guys!”


Castiel stepped back as Dean grabbed and straddled a chair.


“So Cas, Dean told us what happened,” Sam explained with a soothing smile.


Castiel’s head cocked at the young man’s words but he said nothing to interrupt.


“And really the thing with Anna was a bit of a screw up from the start;” he continued glaring at his brother “Wasn’t it Dean?”


Dean scoffed “Not like I knew the bitch was psycho,”


“And would such knowledge have prevented you from copulating with her?” Castiel sneered.


“What? How the hell did you know that?!” Dean yelled, suddenly on his feet.


“Annael was very kind in the sharing of the experiences she had while in your presence,” Cas deadpanned.


Sam’s eyes were all but bulging from his head at this point, “You slept with Anna?”


“Don’t you start Samantha!” Dean snapped rubbing a hand across his face “I didn’t even freaking know how I felt about you then Cas. On top of the fact that it looked like you were betraying our asses so yeah I slept with Anna.”


Castiel was silent not even looking at him and Dean felt like scum for the dejected slump of the Seraph’s wings.


“I can’t believe you slept with Anna.” Sam muttered and Dean glared at his younger brother because that really wasn’t helping!


“Once for fuck’s sake, it was one time!” Dean retorted.


“It was enough!” Cas snarled wings flaring in aggression as he spun away from Dean.


“I believe it is in the best interests of all involved if you would be honest, brother” Raphael commented in the heavy silence that followed.


Dean spun around “What?!”


“Brother, Castiel will not be persuaded until he is aware of the true motive behind your actions.”


“Seriously Raph, what the fuck are you on about?”


The archangel shifted and stretched “Castiel is of the opinion that you are merely trying to replace Annael.”


Dean glanced at the Seraph who was staring resolutely at the wall. This shit was just fucked up. He didn’t talk about his feelings, he knew what he felt for Castiel and if the damn angel would get his head out his ass, he’d be able to admit that he knew how Dean felt about him.


“Castiel is not as innocent as you would believe brother and you’re attempts to protect him are annoying at best,” The archangel sniped not appearing in the least bit intimidated by Dean’s glare.


“You’ve got a nerve to sit there and preach Raphael!” Dean snarled “But tell me something; what about the throne, huh? Because for a guy who was so gung-ho about finding the damn thing in the first place, you seem pretty laid back about the fact that we aren’t even fucking looking for it!”


“The answer to your question lies with Castiel.” Raphael responded aloud.


“What question?” Sam queried, “Wait you two were doing the walky-talky thing again, weren’t you?” he accused face twisted into a pout.


Castiel turned to the archangel, wings bristling “What exactly am I being accused of now?”


“Whoa, hold your horses dude,” Dean placated.


“This situation would be dealt with much easier if you told the truth,” Raphael muttered.


And Dean had had enough of this shit “Okay, you know what fuck you! This, this thing between me and Cas has nothing to do with you!”


“It has everything to do with us Dean, you asked for our help,” Sam added.


Castiel was glancing from one to the other, the perplexed expression on his face mirrored by his slightly cocked wings. “I wish to know what matter you have discussed amongst yourselves.”


Dean rubbed his hand across his face in exasperation before glancing at Raphael “Fuck it, fine...”


“Would you rather discuss the matter between yourselves brother? I will keep Samuel occupied.” Raphael suggested.


“Hey!” Sam yelled indignantly.


“Don’t think you’re weaseling your way out of explaining about the throne Raph.” Dean growled as the archangel laid a hand on Sam’s shoulder instead of an answer Raphael smirked as they vanished.


Dean sighed as Castiel turned to face him “You always push don’t you, always trying to get more than everybody else. Fuck Cas I’m trying to give you it all here and it’s not enough.”


Castiel remained silent, simply watching him.


“You pulled me out of hell, you’ve always been there but you were a fucking angel dude! When I was just human you were the thing that pissed me off but didn’t stop until I believed ya, gave in, started thinking there was something more to all this than just going through the motions and dying.”


“I only wished for you to believe the truth Dean,” Cas stated.


“I know that and you did but fuck it Cas for the longest while you, Sam and Bobby were the only ones I could depend on. You more than others. I wasn’t gonna ruin that, I wasn’t going to ruin you; because everything I lay hands on just goes to hell, literally”


Castiel drew himself up to his full height, wings flaring “I do not need to be protected Dean”


“You think I don’t know that?!” Dean shouted “I know, I’ve fucking seen what you can do first hand but..” Dean trailed off as he stepped closer to the Seraph “You’re not like me Cas even now, knowing who I was, I was never as pure as you and sue me if I tried to protect that.”


Cas frowned cocking his head and regarding Dean curiously before he brushed his wing along the frame of the archangel’s, allowing the familiar wave of lust, love, need to flow through the other man and Dean couldn’t hold back the groan that escaped his throat.


“Goddamn it Cas!” Dean whispered hoarsely.


The Seraph’s lips quirked as he pressed himself closer to the hunter in a parody of their earlier embrace “Do not blaspheme Dean,”


Dean chuckled ruefully as he ran fingers through the short hairs at Cas’ nape. “I didn’t think you wanted me Cas, the whole Anna thing I didn’t…”


“I am not well versed in human courting gestures,” Cas interrupted, face so solemn that Dean couldn’t help but grin.


“No problem dude, stick with me and I’ll teach ya everything you need to know.”


Castiel nodded “I wish to learn more of human copulation.” He remarked and Dean almost swallowed his own tongue.


“Christ Cas, warn a guy!”


Cas frowned “I am giving you ample warning Dean,”


Dean sighed and dropped his hand to the angel’s hip smiling softly when Castiel took the opportunity to slip his hands beneath his jacket. Fingers dancing over his stomach before one hand splayed above his heart, the gesture not lost on the hunter.


Tilting Cas’ head he nuzzled the patch of skin beneath the Seraph’s ear, even as his wings slid into the gap between the other angel’s.


Castiel’s fingers clenched against his T-shirt as he whimpered.


“The things you make me want to do to you, Cas.” Dean whispered as his hand slid from the angel’s hip to grip his ass.


“Please,” Cas pleaded head tilted back to allow the other man more access.


Dean didn’t even remember taking flight, hell maybe it hadn’t been him but suddenly they were falling backwards through the air onto the bed of Bobby’s guestroom.


Tightening his grip on Cas’ hair Dean captured the seraph’s lips. Licking at them until Cas realized what he was asking for and opened up to him, tongue coming out to tentatively brush against Dean’s own before gaining confidence and imitating the other man’s caress, even as his hips rose from the bed and rocked firmly against the leg Dean had settled between them.


Keeping his grip on the seraph Dean rolled. Fingers digging into Cas’ hips as the angel ground down against him.


“Fuck Cas, this ain’t a rodeo. Slow down.” 


The words were ignored as the other man continued to ride Dean’s leg. Just as the hunter was about to slow him down Cas stiffened on top of him breath pulsing in sharp staccatos. Dean’s eyes narrowed “You’d better not have done what I think you did dude...”


Castiel stared down at the damp spot in the front of his trousers before accusing eyes lifted to meet his. “My organ is still hard, Dean”


“Don’t knock the angelic recovery time,” Dean snarked, grabbing Cas’ hands as they moved back towards his trousers. Rolling them once more he trapped the angel beneath him, smirking when Cas tried but failed to free himself.


Eventually Cas stilled, glazed blue eyes gazing at Dean pleadingly.


Releasing his hold Dean slid his hands down Castiel’s sides before slipping beneath his shirt.


“Wanna help me get these off ya?” He teased, grinning when he felt the cool air on his bare skin as their clothes vanished.


“I wish to engage in copulation now Dean,” Cas informed him, voice prim even though the angel was spread out like something from a playgirl magazine.


“We’re getting to that Cas,” Dean chuckled thumbing the angel’s nipples lightly.

Cas gasped and arched towards him “Like that?” Dean purred.


“The sensation is strange but pleasing,” Cas conceded breathlessly “Carry on.”


“As you wish your highness,” Dean retorted, watching as the angel writhed before leaning down to recapture his lips, swallowing the moan that escaped his lover when their dicks rubbed against each other.


Cas wrenched away from him gasping as his hips rocked upwards “Dean.” He whimpered


“Ssh angel,” Dean whispered, raising Cas’ leg and allowing his fingers to brush lightly against the angel’s entrance.


Castiel keened, back arching as he pushed into the caress. Taking the move as encouragement Dean caressed the muscle until it relaxed enough for his finger to enter the angel. The sound of crackling wood had him glancing upwards in time to see the headboard shatter beneath Castiel’s hands.


Smiling smugly Dean added another finger watching as Cas’ wings flared wide, angelic grace shattering the windows they came in contact with. “Dean!”


“Wait for it babe, gonna make it so good for ya,” Dean gentled, grabbing his hidden lube from the side table.


Castiel grabbed the sheets when Dean’s slick fingers returned and hid his face in the pillow.


“Come on Cas, let me hear you babe,” Dean coaxed, fingers catching and holding a steady rhythm as he delved deeper into the angel. He knew he’d found Cas’ prostate when the seraph’s legs tried to close even as his body writhed and shook. “There?” he teased.


“Dean I will end your existence,” Castiel groaned harshly.


“Not a nice thing to say to the guy getting you off Cas,” Dean mocked, but Castiel had obviously had enough of his teasing, wrenching himself off Dean’s fingers the angel spun them so the hunter was once again on his back before climbing on top of him.


Heaving with unneeded breath he glared down at Dean from his vantage point. “Simply because I have not engaged in copulation does not mean I am unaware of how.”


Dean smirked crossing his hands nonchalantly behind his head “Yeah? So what’re you gonna do now Cassie?”


Cas cocked a brow before rising up unto his knees, before Dean had realized the angel’s intentions he was lowering himself unto his cock.


“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Dean snarled grabbing on to Cas’ hips to stop the angel moving

Castiel settled his hands on Dean’s chest legs trembling as his wings brushed the ceiling.

Dean’s grace pulsed, settling into the gaps in the other angels even as held on to his self control with his teeth. He wanted this to be good for Castiel but the damn angel did everything his way!


Allowing his hands to slip from the angel’s hips he rubbed gentle circles into Cas’ thighs until the other man calmed.


Blown blue eyes stared down at him “You’re inside me, Dean.”


Dean chuckled ruefully “Yeah Darling but you’re gonna have to move Cas.”


Castiel nodded before bracing himself against his hands and rolling his hips, the wings about his eyes tightening when Dean thrust upwards.


Catching Dean’s rhythm Cas pushed back into each thrust, eyes glued to Dean’s as he whimpered.


“So pretty babe,” Dean whispered as his hand found Cas’ erect cock “Fucking Gorgeous!”


Dean’s wings arched forward trailing along Cas’ as his fingers trailed up the angel’s spine. Holding him steady as Dean’s thrusts became more ragged.


“Dean! Please I do not know what to do!” Cas cried, grace crackling as Dean’s merged with his own


“Give it up for me Darling,” Dean crooned as he felt the familiar spiral racing up his spine


Michael!” The seraph screamed, tethers ripping to shreds as the song of the Seraphim filled the house.


Dean couldn’t think, everything was heat and pleasure. The last thing he saw were eyes shining with every shade of blue in the spectrum and six wings stretching towards the sky.




Dean woke to the crooning of a husky female voice. Blinking slowly he glanced towards the sound. There, seated on the windowsill was the only woman he had ever truly loved both as Michael and Dean Winchester.


“Mom?” he choked out.


Mary Winchester turned to face him, the smile on her face calm and serene “Hey Deano.”


“Holy fuck Mom?” Dean questioned, boxers materializing as he scrambled from the bed.


“Don’t think you’re too old to have your mouth washed out,” Mary drawled, blond eyebrows drawn in disapproval and Dean was definitely not scared! Though he was gonna watch his language as long as she was here; but that was simply common courtesy.


“You were dead.” Dean whispered stepping towards her, collapsing into her open arms.


“I still am, well kinda,” She murmured, as she ran fingers softly through his hair.


“You’re God aren’t you? Sam is gonna shit bricks when he realizes that our Mom is God.” Dean snickered, yelping at the slap to his head. Pulling back he sighed. He’d been so pissed at the absentee God that had let Cas fall and almost allowed Armageddon but now here he couldn’t blame his mom for it.


“Castiel’s fall wasn’t my wish.” Mary interrupted.


Dean grimaced because mind reading, sucked.


“It wasn’t easy nor right what I did but it was the only way I could truly allow my children to be free.” Mary explained glancing at Cas’ ruffled form “I never thought the littlest angel would the one most instrumental in the changes I wished to bring about.”


Dean snorted “Yeah he’s full of surprises.”


Mary grinned “You will be happy together,”


The finality in the words had Dean taking a step back “You’re leaving again aren’t you?”


“You can’t learn how to ride a bicycle if you never take the training wheels off, you know that Deano,” she sighed.


“What about Cas?” Dean queried “Aren’t you even gonna say goodbye?” he wasn’t even going to mention Sam because fuck knows if God wasn’t willing to give angels the time of day...


Mary’s eyes narrowed “I have already spoken with both Samuel and Raphael. I’ve also retrieved Gabriel from his pagan stint. None of my children are beneath me Michael!”


Stepping around him she approached the bed, waving a hand over Castiel’s form and smiling as the angel blinked “You were always so precocious my little traveller.”


“Father” Castiel breathed wings fluttering as he took Mary’s hand.


“You have done what others have strived to do. Finding not only love but love in the form of a throne.”


“I only wished to serve,” Cas smiled face shining with the praise.


“You have made me proud,” She smiled “Each and every one of you.” Her eyes slid to meet Dean’s as her lips quirked “Even when you thought you were rebelling.” Sighing, she glanced at the window before turning back to face them “Sleep now, but never forget that you are loved.”


As darkness slid over Dean’s vision he heard his mother whisper “Remember”




Michael remembered his birth.


He had screamed as he was dragged from the warmth of the Father. He did not wish to leave!


“Ssshh my little archangel,” The Father whispered as it cocooned him with grace.


Michael calmed pausing to stare in awe at the one that had made him before huffing in annoyance when the Father laughed at his admiration.


“Oh no, Michael do not be upset little one, I am at fault.” The Father crooned and Michael accepted the apology as his due.


He still did not understand why the Father had separated from him.


“That was not my doing my little Michael,” The Father smiled brushing gently against Michael’s wings and smiling proudly when he managed to raise the limbs.


Michael frowned before stumbling closer, fingers outstretched towards the Father. He would never leave the Father, never!


“And you did not.” The Father explained as he caught the archangel “You wished to erase my loneliness; and for that I am thankful.”


“I was good?” Michael choked out, the words felt foreign leaving him.


“Very!” The Father conceded “I had not realized how alone I was. I will rectify the problem so that you will not feel the same.”


Michael smiled faintly, he was not worried about being alone for he had the Father but it would be good to have others to help keep the Father happy.


The entity chuckled again at Michael’s thoughts before sobering “I will create others Michael but they will not be like you.”


The archangel remained silent as The Father spoke, why wouldn’t the others be like Michael? Had he done something wrong?


“You were not created, Michael.” the Father negated “You pulled yourself from me that means you are as much a part of me as I am you. And though I am proud of you, others will seek to use you for that.”

Michael frowned, he would never!


“I know you would not, Michael but there are others who would.”


“Why?” Micheal queried.


“Because even I am not infallible. I wish to give all my children freedom of choice and there are risks that will come as a result of that.”


Michael spread his small wings to their full length “I will protect you,” he declared.


The Father smiled sadly “You will be the throne upon which I lean in my time of need but I cannot place you in danger simply because of my own selfishness.”


I am your throne?” The archangel questioned settling back into the Father’s embrace.


“Oh yes my little Michael,” The Father chuckled “You who are so like me yet so set apart.”


Michael nodded, not quite understanding but willing to accept it. The Father’s hands covered his eyes

“You will forget until it is needed, Michael.”


When the Father removed its hands Michael frowned “Forget what?”


Dean groaned and rolled over, cracking one eye open when his outstretched wings encountered nothing but the mattress. Growling he pushed himself to his feet. Was it too much to ask for Cas to have picked up on a few more human habits, like snuggling? Not that snuggling was Dean’s thing but if Cas had instigated it he would have complied.


Sitting up he ran a hand through his hair before trudging downstairs.


The room was silent, Raphael and Bobby sat at the table examining some ancient texts or another.


The archangel lifted his head at Dean’s arrival.


“Father has explained all?” he queried.

Dean glared for a moment because as far as he was concerned Raph could have spilled the beans from the beginning. It would have saved them beating around the bush!


“Yeah I’m all memorified,” Dean snarked.


“That is not a word brother,” Raphael pointed out.


“Would you two idjits say whatcha gotta say outside of your dumb skulls!” Bobby snapped “Aint like my heart can’t handle it. With Mary as the Almighty I doubt I’m going anywhere soon.”


 Dean grinned “Admit it, Mom makes a kickass God!”


“In more ways than one!” a voice piped up from the other side of the room.


Dean spun around and had to hold back a snort of laughter at Gabriel’s predicament when did he get there? Somehow Sam had managed to wrap himself around the archangel in his sleep like a gigantic octopus but that was the least of his brothers problems.


“Dude, why do you look like a Brady Bunch Reject?” Dean chuckled.


“Stuff it Deano!” the smaller man sniped “I wasn’t even doing anything. One moment I’m enjoying a chocolate cheesecake in this little diner, the next thing I know I’m getting a lecture that almost singed my tailfeathers!”


“Mom had at ya?” Dean snickered


“She wasn’t pleased with my attitude,” Gabriel muttered eyes shifting guilty from Dean’s “So she dropped me off here, unconscious I might add. I wake up and I’m dressed like this with gigantor here latched unto me.”


“Samuel was asleep before your arrival, he simply gravitated towards the heat of your vessel.” Raphael explained


Dean sighed reaching out with a wing to brush it over Gabriel’s “Stop looking like you expect me to kick your ass dude. Though try that TV thing again and it aint gonna be pretty.”


Gabriel flashed him a small smile.


“What are we and by we I mean you looking for?” Dean queried.


“Simply knowing that you are the throne Dean does not mean we are aware of what it is you can do,” Raphael chided.


“Nerds.” Dean and Gabriel muttered grinning at each other.


“Does anybody know where Cas is?”


Gabriel pointed upwards “And I don’t mean in the E.T. sense.”


“Everyone’s a comedian.” Dean snarked before taking flight.




Castiel was seated on the edge of the roof with his face towards the sun, two wings held high and Dean paused for a moment just to watch.


When the Seraph caught sight of him the tethers holding the other wings slipped away.


“Hello Dean,” Cas greeted.


Dean sat beside the angel “Cas I know we haven’t discussed morning after rules but you could have at least have waited until I, what?” Dean stopped when Cas shifted until he was behind him.


The seraph’s wings flared on either sides of Dean’s vision.


“I pledge my allegiance to Michael, first born and throne of God.” Cas whispered strong fingers roaming through Dean’s hair “But I love you Dean Winchester,”


Dean froze “Been reading those books again Cas?” He joked hoarsely.


“The Father said I should be honest before she departed,” Castiel explained.


“Yeah,” Dean muttered relaxing back into Cas’ embrace “Love ya too Cas.”


This time when the tiredness swept over Dean he didn’t fight not feel guilty for it. Instead he fell asleep to the song of the Seraph, the words “Gloria In Excelsis Deo” chasing the darkness as he slept.




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  • Fic: Little Red

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